ColorDabbler 1

Color Scheme Generator

"ColorDabbler is a simple and easy-to-use tool to help you experiment with color combinations for all your creative activities. This software is useful for artists, interior designers, colorists and similar professions who need to come up with color scheme ideas for paint jobs, customizing interiors, designing prototypes, designing accessories and more.

It is also a useful tool for graphic and web designers for creating web pages, banners, landing pages, and more. ColorDabbler is a drag and drop program wherein you can point to a color and drag it to the export list, to the palette window or to any part of the viewing window.

Mainly, this program displays color information in RGB, HSB, CMYK, Visual Basic, C++, Java and integer color values so that you can easily get the information you need and give exact specifications how ""green"" or ""blue"" you want a wall or a website background color to be.

The software is capable of modifying colors and adjusting their HSB, RGB and CMYK values easily using a slider. ColorDabbler also generates color harmonies to your chosen color automatically.